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LPM and IQT are organizing a Workshop on Curriculum Review for Outcome Based Education.

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On Tuesday, September 5, 2023, the workshop was held in the journal room on the 4th floor of the IAIN Kudus library building. The workshop is being organized by the LPM and the IQT Program to review the Outcome Based Education curriculum. Present at this event are Dr. H. Ahmad Atabik, Lc, M.S.I, the Dean of the Faculty of Ushuluddin at IAIN Kudus, Dr. Abdul Karim, MA, Vice Dean 1, Dr. Nur Aris, M.Ag, Head of LPM at IAIN Kudus, Ulfah Rahmawati, Head of the IQT Program, and staff from the LPM and the Faculty of Ushuluddin. The speaker for the OBE curriculum review is Dr. Ali Imron, S.Th.I, M.Ag from UIN Sunan Kalijaga.

In his opening remarks on behalf of the dean's office, Dr. H. Ahmad Atabik, Lc, M.S.I, expressed his sincere gratitude to the LPM for their support of this activity and hopes that the results of the review will be promptly followed up to ensure the success of both the BAN and international  accreditation (FIBAA) agendas.

Dr. Nur Aris, M.Ag, as the Head of LPM, also thanked the IQT program for their willingness to fulfill the mandate to undergo international accreditation processes. Review by experts is necessary to ensure that the curriculum is truly fix and ready for implementation. Input from Dr. Ali Imran, S.Th.I, M.Ag, on how constructive alignment can be synchronized with CPL, as well as its evaluation, is greatly appreciated. This is a significant step towards achieving FIBAA accreditation.

Dr. Ali Imron, S.Th.I, M.Ag in his speech “International accreditation must be approached with a positive spirit and mindset. No matter how knowledgeable someone is, if they get nervous, things can go awry. FIBAA already has a template; it's just a matter of customization and providing the requested information in English. The data must be consistently and with the rector's endorsement as the foundation. FIBAA has only 5 criteria, making it more practical than BANPT. This is an opportunity to enhance the quality of the program for international recognition. The curriculum documents designed by the IQT Program at FU IAIN Kudus are already quite good; some improvements are needed to meet the OBE-based curriculum quality standards.”

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